A Legend
    One night in ancient times, three horsemen were riding across a desert. As they crossed the dry bed of a river, out of the darkness a voice called, "Halt!"
    They obeyed. The voice then told them to dismount, pick up a handful of pebbles, put the pebbles in their pockets and remount. The voice then said, "You have done as I commanded. Tomorrow at sun-up you will be both glad and sorry." Mystified, the horsemen rode on. When the sun rose, they reached into their pockets and found that a miracle had happened. The pebbles had been transformed into diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones. They remembered the warning. They were both glad and sorry -- glad they had taken some, sorry they had not taken more.

The Perils of Being Under Insured - Dana Coates, President


All of these words stir thoughts of one kind or another. When it comes to our own personal financial security, discovering that we don't have ADEQUATE coverage can be disconcerting if not truly frightening. It's only at times like these when it matters that our insurance is in good order. 

The problem is, once the loss has happened, it's too late to buy the right coverage - you have to have had everything in place BEFORE the loss happens - this requires strategic planning from a trained and experienced specialist. When ever a sudden loss happens, naturally there is confusion and we realize that in the flash of an instant, our world has changed. 

I'm not a doctor, a farmer or an engineer - I'm an insurance broker and I've been practicing and honing my skills in this trade for over 30 years. During those years, I've had the privilege of walking shoulder to shoulder through many life changing losses with my customers and friends. In every case, we've walked through these difficult situations together and we've come out together on the other side. In most of those cases, my customers have had enough coverage to take care of the loss, but the fact is that in some cases, there were inadequate limits to cover the entire loss. These cases are harder for all of us. 

But imagine there being fully enough money to cover everything. If I ever have to have a loss, that's the kind of insurance I will want behind me, a set of policies that will fully cover the loss I've sustained, so that when the smoke all clears, I can see hope and light in the near future. My goal as a risk management and insurance advisor is to offer my customers enough options and enough practical information so that they can make an informed buying decision. 

Ultimately though, it is the customer who has to lay down the money for the choices they make, and it is also the customer who will need to be prepared to live with the results of those choices if they are inadequate. Communication is the key to satisfaction in life and good communication with your spiritual advisor, your doctor, lawyer, financial advisor and insurance representative are the factors that will help you to do a better job of managing life's ups and down's.

Cover Insurance needs Quickly:

Small Business Insurance Coverage can usually be arranged in a short period of time through quality insurance carriers. Although we have the buying power of a $200 million dollar company, our focus is Small Business Insurance, and we do this specialty very well.

With roots dating back to 1918, United has a history that establishes them as a respected senior member of the insurance community.

Specialized Insurance Services:

Although the company provides service to several nationally operated businesses, our strength lies in meeting the general business insurance needs of companies with less than 500 employees. Within our network is a special division called The Small Business Insurance Center, which focuses on these smaller regional customers. This division is easily accessible from the Net by clicking here: www.tsbic.com


Technology-specific Policies:

With on-line instant quoting for technology companies and the Machine Shop Industry, serious buyers can receive quotes quickly and can usually activate coverage the same day.

D & O Liability Insurance Coverage:

Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability and Professional Errors & Omissions Liability (also known as E & O or Malpractice) are key areas of our focus.

Health, Disability and Motorcyle Insurance:

Other areas in which we provide immediate solutions include Group Health and Hospitalization, Workers' Compensation and strange as it may sound, a specialized Motorcycle Insurance Program that allows riders to activate coverage instantly by use of their credit card.

United is staying ahead by blazing the trail.

United Agencies Small Business Insurance Division (Contact Us by Email)
525 Cordova St., Ste. 200 // Pasadena, CA 91101-2552 
Phone: 800-378-5554 - or - 626-397-4700 // Fax: 626-683-7682

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